Community Showdown: The Villages vs. Villages of Citrus Hills

We thought it’d be fun to pit The Villages against a number of nearby competitors to see who comes out on top.

Of course only you can pick the actual winner and that’s going to be based on what you are looking for in a community.

Today The Villages is going up against the Villages of Citrus Hills.


Round 1 – Golf

With 648 holes of golf (as of 2017) The Villages has more golf courses than any other community in the world. So if variety is what you’re after, The Villages cannot be beat in that department.

By comparison, the Villages of Citrus Hills has 63 holes of golf spread across 4 courses plus you also get access to nearby Ocala National Golf Course.

Interestingly, I hear from a lot of Villagers who tend to play the same 4 or 5 courses over and over. One reason for this is they are playing courses near their home so they don’t have to travel too far. Another reason is that 4-5 seems to be the number of courses that provides just enough variety, while also allowing for some level of mastery.

The thinking is, if you rotate through all the courses on a regular basis, you’d probably never get particularly good at any one of them, but if you play the same handful of courses on a regular basis, you’d probably get pretty good at them.

Another thing to consider is that during the winter months when the snowbirds are in town, it can be tough to get a desirable tee time on the popular courses in The Villages, while at a smaller community like the Villages of Citrus Hills its typically not an issue.


Round 2 – Location

The Villages is smack dab in the middle of the state. One common thing I hear is from people who for their whole lives have dreamed of retiring to Florida and being near the coast, then they discover The Villages and realize they might have to compromise that wish list item to get the community they want.

On the plus side, of course The Villages is set up with everything you need at your fingertips, like shopping, restaurants, and medical care, and most of it is golf cart accessible.

The Villages of Citrus Hills on the other hand is located in Florida’s Nature Coast region, and the community itself is less than 30 minutes to the ocean.

It’s a nature lover’s dream with a ton of options for things to see and do over there, like Cedar Key, Homosassa Springs and Rainbow Springs state parks, and exciting excursions like swimming with the manatees, scalloping and much more.

At the Villages of Citrus Hills, you do have some restaurants within the community at the clubhouses, and there’s also a regular lineup of entertainment available, but for other services like shopping and medical facilities you will have to leave the community but the good part is you won’t have to go far.


Round 3 – The Houses

While there are plenty of great floorplans available in The Villages, you’re pretty limited with what you can do to personalize the home. In most cases its pretty much take what they give you, or leave it.

At the Villages of Citrus Hills you also get a great selection of homes to choose from, but they are much more flexible with allowing you to personalize the homes to your liking.

Also, as far as lot selection goes, The Villages is in its final phases of development, and anything new will be in the southern sections of the community.

At the Villages of Citrus Hills, you have lots of choice regarding where you’d like to be and aren’t as limited.

Your Decision

So for you, will it be The Villages or do you think the Villages of Citrus Hills is worth a look?

If you are 100% heart set on The Villages, be sure to check out my book.

If you’d like to learn more about the Villages of Citrus Hills, you can do so here.

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  1. I noticed there are a LOT of foreclosures in The Villages. You didn’t mention those in your audio recording. Thanks.

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