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Golf carts are a way of life for most Villagers.

Just how many golf carts are there in The Villages?

While no official numbers are maintained, most people “in the know” agree that there are more than 60,000 golf carts putting around The Villages.

Even non-golfers find it more convenient to hop in their golf cart to get around The Villages than in their cars.

It’s easier to park a golf cart too, as most of the shopping centers, entertainment venues, town squares and medical facilities are considered “golf cart approved” or “accessible”.

Many Villagers end up getting rid of one, or sometimes both family cars because the golf carts are so much cheaper and easier.

So as you can imagine, golf carts are a VERY big industry in The Villages.

There are companies that sell and service carts, companies that rent carts, companies that insure carts, and even companies that provide roadside assistance for golf carts.

Where to Buy Golf Carts in The Villages

If you’re in the market for a golf cart, here are a few places we know of that sell carts. Please note that we do not recommend or endorse any place over another, and we don’t accept advertising, so we have no preference. The best advice: narrow it down to a make/model you like and shop around.

The Villages Golf Cars has four locations throughout the community. You can find them at Lake Sumter Landing, Brownwood, Colony Plaza and La Plaza Grande. The Villages Outdoor in Wildwood also sells carts built for off-road driving.

Village Streetrod – If you’re looking to go all out and really turn heads driving through The Villages, Village Streetrod claims to have the “World’s Finest Kustom Golf Cars”, and they sure are fancy! They are located in Palm Ridge Plaza. Their Streetrod Club now has more than 900 members!

Villages Golf Cart Man – Located in Fruitland Park, The Golf Cart Man has been around almost as long as people have been buying golf carts in The Villages.

Visit his website at http://www.villagesgolfcartman.com or call 352-674-9400

Cart World Golf Cars – Located on 441 in Lady Lake, they offer sales, service, and rentals.

Visit their website at http://cartworldgolfcars.com or call 352-753-1800

ParCar USA – They offer new and pre-owned sales and service.

Visit their website at https://parcarusa.com/ or call 352-323-8006

Village Discount Golf Car – Offering sales, service, and rentals, they are located in the Santa Fe Crossing Plaza on CR466

Visit their website at http://villagediscountgolfcar.com or call 352-633-8480

Where to Rent Golf Carts in The Villages

When visiting The Villages, you might want live like a local and rent a golf cart.

If you are visiting on the Lifestyle Preview Program, your rental will come with a golf cart. However, as many people have written in to me about, you might be disappointed with the performance:

“Our lifestyle preview included a golf cart that was governed to not exceed 12MPH.  What a joke!  Golf carts were tailgating us and passing us left and right the entire week.”

Fortunately, many of the places listed above also rent carts. Keep in mind that several factors go in to what you will end up paying to rent a golf cart and the choices available to you.

These factors include time of year (during the busy season Jan-April many places don’t have carts available), how many seats you need (2 or 4 usually), the speed of the carts, whether or not they have enclosures (tip: you definitely want enclosures), and how long you want to rent for.

Most companies rent on a weekly or monthly basis, but some rent by the day if that’s what you need. Call and see what you can work out.

Some of the Coolest Golf Carts in The Villages

As your reward for reading this whole article, check out photos of some of the coolest golf carts running around The Villages today:

  • 2014 Yamaha Jaguar
Have a cool cart that you think belongs on this page? Tell us about it here!

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