The Villages Live Webcams

The Villages has live webcams set-up in all three town squares, so no matter where you are in the world, you can check in on what’s happening in “Florida’s Friendliest Hometown”.

Who knows what you might see 😉

The best time of day to watch is probably from 5pm to 9pm when people flock to the town squares for the free nightly entertainment, but checking in on these webcams during the day is a great way to check the weather in The Villages.


Spanish Springs Live Webcam

Lake Sumter Landing Live Webcam

Brownwood Paddock Square Live Webcam

18 thoughts on “The Villages Live Webcams”

  1. my father lives in the villages, and when I retire I look forward to buying there as well. Just a great retirement community. Everytime I go its gets harder and harder to leave. Love the golf cart living.

  2. We were lucky, we had booking in Alhambra as soon as feb 2020 for fall 2020-winter2021, 5 months, and Colleen refund a full downpayment in june free of charge, she was so understanding, a really good person. Kept contact and will probably go back there next fall 2021.

  3. Our landlady gave us a complete refund of our deposit – we are from Canada and can’t cross the border….I special thanks to our landlady (in Belvedere) and hope we can get to TV in 2021.

  4. Like to see webcams of how full the pools are, to know if it’s worth going there. Could we get in?

  5. That’s a shame. We rent our home and refunded all renters in full. Maybe they should give you another week. It’s not as if they missed renting it to someone else. The whole country was locked down.

  6. Following up regarding my previous post about a rental cancellation due to the Coronavirus situation. we have been patiently trying to work with the lady we booked our rental with to get our rental money back but are having no luck at all. As we told this lady we had no alternative but to cancel as the Canadian / US border was closed. We have sent her two emails requesting she reimburse the damage deposit as a start as that shouldn’t even be in question , yet we have haven’t heard from her regarding this request. In fact she hasn’t returned any communication since April 14. We are wondering if there is any official department or board that we can talk to to try to resolve this issue. If any one knows please advise. Thank you

    1. I think pretty much everything Jackie except grocery stores and pharmaciies, since the FL governor just ordered a statewide shut down.

  7. Dawn Gray Wetzel

    I wonder how the Villages district manager feels about Villagers who continue to rent out their homes as weekly vacation rentals.
    My husband and I (we are seniors) have cancelled our trip to The Villages in light of the coronavirus pandemic.
    We chose not to drive thru five states to get to the Villages only to have everything there closed.
    The owner has refused to give us a full refund for our two week stay.
    So much for the “greatest generation” and looking out for one another.

    1. We are Canadians and had to cancel our trip also due to the Coronavirus situation as the borders were closed and we had no choice. we too, are having a difficult time trying to get a refund. The home owner said she is running a business and will think about some kind of a refund. We are still waiting to hear back. We did not cancel because we wanted to but had no choice and are hopeful it can be worked out to everyone’s satisfaction.

    2. We drove from Kansas to The Villages at Christmas time 2020 and mostly everything was open. We had a great “landlord” for the week we stayed. I understand your position but don’t let that discourage you.

    1. We too are waiting for a refund resulting from our cancellation due to Covid 19. Our landlord will not, as of yet,refund our damage deposit nor our months rent. She will not even return our emails we have been sending her. We do not know here to turn to now. Any advice???

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