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The Cattlemen’s Association of Spanish Springs is not a real club in The Villages, but as you’ll learn here, there are certainly some just as weird and unique.

Based on its reputation as the fastest growing active adult community in the country, it should surprise absolutely no one that The Villages is also known for having a vast collection of clubs associated with just about every hobby, interest, and activity.

But while everyone can logically assume that there are lots of clubs to choose from inside the bubble, most residents are still shocked to learn that there are now more than 2,400 different clubs.

Whether you are looking for ways to express a personal passion like painting or dancing, searching for a social circle that loves the same card games you do, or just want a reason to stay active during your retirement, there is something for everybody here in The Villages.

In fact, most residents find more interesting clubs than they could possibly keep up with, so you might actually want to be careful that you don’t overcommit yourself.

You can probably imagine some of the predictable clubs and activities that are available. But what are some of the more interesting clubs and activities that you can find in The Villages?

Art & Writing Clubs

Many Villagers use their free time to pursue the passions that they never had time for earlier in their lives, and there is no shortage of art and writing clubs that are perfect for anyone looking to rekindle a love for drawing, painting, or writing.

Here are some of the interesting art and writing clubs meeting around the community:

  • Anybody Can with Watercolors
  • The Village Clayers
  • Grown-Up Coloring
  • Glass Fusion
  • Sketching Made Easy
  • Rock Painting
  • Wannabee Writers
  • Writers 4 Kids
  • Writers of the Villages
  • Zentangle Mindful Drawing

Craft Clubs

While the art and writing clubs tend to be focused on embracing specific passions, there are also craft clubs that are a perfect fit for anyone looking to make something with their hands. With everything from crochet and quilting clubs to scrapbooking and stamp collecting, every crafting niche has a home here in The Villages.

These are some of the crafting clubs that might interest you:

  • Basket Weaving (Seriously!)
  • Crochet Addicts
  • Eye of the Needle Stitchers
  • Fabric Fun Arts
  • Happy Hour Quilters
  • Hooks & Needles
  • Paper Crafting in 3D
  • Scrapbooking Nite Owl
  • Stampin Fools
  • Vintage Sewing

Book Clubs

Reading is another popular pastime for Villagers, and there are dozens of different clubs for residents with all kinds of reading interests. So whether you prefer to get lost in romantic fiction, philosophic poetry, or World War II history, there is a group of like-minded readers that can’t wait to talk to you about it.

Check out these book clubs that might interest you:

  • Christian Women’s Book Club
  • Comic Book Collectors
  • Jane Austen Plus Book Club
  • Mystery Lovers 2
  • Poetry Discussion Workshop
  • Science Fiction Fantasy
  • True Crime Book Club
  • World War II Book Club


Dancing is a fantastic way to stay active during your retirement years, and there is certainly no shortage of dance clubs meeting at recreation centers all over The Villages. Square and line dancing are always going to be the most popular dance clubs among retirees, but there are plenty of other options to check out too.

These are some of the dance clubs that meet regularly around The Villages:

  • Ballroom Basics
  • Belly Dancers / Gypsies
  • Carolina Shag Dance
  • Country Partner
  • Hula Hands in Aloha
  • Line Dance for Exercise
  • Night Fever Dance
  • Polish Folk Dancers
  • Village Squares


If all you are looking for in an activity club experience is a group of people to play your favorite games with, then you won’t have any trouble filling out your social calendar with fun-filled evenings of bunco, bridge, or scrabble nights.

These are just a few of the many card game and board game clubs in The Villages:

  • Bunco Fanatics
  • Chess Mates Tournament
  • Darts for Couples
  • Dirty Uno
  • Friendly Friday Cribbage
  • Fun Social Bridge
  • J’s Jokers Social Cards
  • Mah-Jongg Maniacs
  • Mexican Train Dominoes
  • Pinochle Cards – Double Deck
  • Pub Trivia Game
  • Scrabblers

Hobbies & Interests

One of the best things about a community as big as The Villages is that residents can find other Villagers to form clubs about even the most obscure hobbies and interests. So no matter what it is that you love talking about, you can find some fellow residents here to share your obsession with.

Here are some of the unique hobbies and interests that have their own clubs here in The Villages:

  • .45 Sidekicks
  • Beatlemaniacs
  • Bonsai Workshop
  • Dynamic Dogs
  • Geocaching Club
  • Home Brewers Club
  • Karate 4 Life
  • Master Gardener Speaker
  • Model Railroad Club
  • Photography Workshop
  • Sailing Club
  • Scuba Diving Club
  • The Village Bicycle Club
  • The Villages Classic Automobile Club
  • The Villages Republican Club
  • The Villages Griller & Smoker Club
  • Wine Talk
  • Woodworkers’ Club

Music & Theatre Clubs

You can find a few people who are passionate about music and theatre in almost any community, but here at The Villages, we have enough people to put on full productions of your favorite plays and musicals throughout the calendar year.

Check out some of these music and theatre clubs meeting in our community:

  • Acting Out
  • Bagpipe & Drum
  • Barbershop Chorus
  • Country Music Lovers
  • Harmonica Band
  • Jazz Improv
  • Karaoke Fun Timers
  • Native American Flute
  • Not So Famous Players
  • Peace, Love & Ukulele
  • Songwriters’ Showcase
  • Villages Musical Theatre
  • Windsong Ensemble

Sports & Exercise Clubs

Whether you are looking for serious competition or just a friendly game, there are sports and exercise clubs for every type of activity you can possibly think of getting together are recreation centers around The Villages all the time.

Here are some of the more interesting sports and exercise clubs you might be interested in joining:

  • Archery Club
  • Badminton Club
  • Bocce Buddies Breakfast
  • Hot & Spicy Pickleball
  • Masters Tennis Club
  • Mindbody Vinyasa Yoga
  • Stickball Club
  • Table Tennis Club
  • Villages Fencing Club
  • Walk Away the Pounds
  • Women’s Softball Club
  • Zumba for All

With everything from arts and writing clubs to sports and recreation clubs, there is a massive range of options to keep you busy here at The Villages.

So whenever you are ready to start pursuing just about anything you are passionate about, you can rest assured that there is probably going to be a club meeting about that very interest happening soon. All you have to do is show up and introduce yourself.

You can download a full list of Clubs and Activities here.

There’s truly something for everyone. And if you get here and find The Villages doesn’t have a club or activity you were looking for, The Villages Recreation Department can help you start it and recruit your first members.

5 thoughts on “The Villages Clubs and Activities”

  1. I am looking for a club or group that focuses on history. Our organization, Dade Battlefield Society, will be hosting our annual WWII Commemorative Weekend March 7th & 8th at Dade Battlefield Historic State Park in Bushnell (south of the Villages and in Sumter County) We will be offering FREE era style dance demonstrations; FREE movie theater featuring old newsreels and film clips; living historians presenting every 30 minutes; Military camps and our own “Radio Broadcast which will play 1940’s music all day! We have food vendors, many non=profit and veteran groups and much more. I am hoping IF you have such a club/group, they will want to join us by either setting up their own booth (no charge) OR help us spread the word. The event runs from 10-4; the cost is only $4 per person. WWII and Korean Veterans are free and we invite them to join us for lunch. THANKS for helping us find the right contact. Karen

  2. I have recently moved to the villages, and have lost my husband just a couple of months ago. I’m looking to meet people that are in the same boat as me and would like to join some social clubs and keep busy. I realize, that right now, under the circumstances most of the activities are on hold. I would just like to be informed when things start up again.Thank you for any assistance you can give me.

  3. Paul Faulkingham

    We are 7 months new to the Villages and I am looking for dance lessons for my wife and I. We need to get the fundamentals for ballroom, cha, cha, swing, etc.

  4. My mother has lived in the Villages for the last 15 years. She lost her husband and many of her friends have passed or have moved closer to family. I am trying to find others or a group that are in their 80’s that can relate. Looking for or needing to get together for wine and cheese or playing some cards. Even through among many others in the same boat hard to connect….

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