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Fenney Recreation Center Grand Opening

The latest issue of Vmail celebrates the opening of the Fenney Recreation Center, and takes a look at progress of two new nine-hole executive courses, Red Fox and Gray Fox. Plus, a look at all of the fun the recreation department has planned for the month of July. Take a look:

The Villages Clubs and Activities

Based on its reputation as the fastest growing active adult community in the country, it should surprise absolutely no one that The Villages is also known for having a vast collection of clubs associated with just about every hobby, interest, and activity. But while everyone can logically assume that there are lots of clubs to …

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The Villages Best Fishin’ Holes

There is no arguing that golf is by far the most popular recreational activity in The Villages. However, there is plenty of debate over what activity can claim the number two spot. Fishing is definitely one of the leading candidates for that role. Because of the year-round warm weather, there is almost never a bad …

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Swimming in The Villages

Because golf often takes center stage at The Villages, it is often overlooked that the community is also a spectacular place for swimmers and anyone who enjoys spending their time by the pool. With more than 70 pools to choose from, there is no shortage of options, and all of the facilities are kept in …

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The Villages Woodworking Shop

In The Villages there are lots of ways to express your creativity and even give back to the community. One of those places is at The Villages Woodshop. The Villages Woodworkers Club was started in 2001 to provide a place for Villagers who were passionate about working with wood to express their creativity. The club …

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Softball a Home Run in The Villages

Baseball might be America’s Pastime, but Softball is The Villages’ Pastime. There are over 200 registered softball teams that compete on nine different fields across The Villages. With that amount of interest, there are leagues and teams open for any skill level. There are highly competitive traveling teams, as well as relaxed leagues that focus …

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Big Cypress Recreation Center

One of the newest recreation centers is Big Cypress Recreation Center, which is located next to Evans Prairie Country Club on Hendry Drive just south of Pinellas Place. The outside of the center is a relaxing pastel green color with beautiful white wood trim. Big Cypress is designed to serve Villagers living in the villages …

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Playing Tennis in The Villages

The first question people ask me when they see me is “Did you play basketball?” Could have something to do with the fact that I am 6’8″ tall. But the reality is, I was actually a tennis player. I played Division II college tennis many many moons ago. I don’t play much anymore, but sometimes, …

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