Survival Guide for New and Future Residents of Florida’s Most Popular Retirement Community

I’ve been researching and writing about The Villages for more than a decade and I’ve compiled my notes into a best-selling book and a popular weekly email newsletter.

Some of my most popular articles:

Cool Facts

The Villages is definitely getting cooler with age. You have to see these cool facts to believe them.

Cost of Living

Cheap? Expensive? Here are all of the costs associated with living here so you can decide for yourself.

How to Find a Rental

A lot of people start getting to know The Villages by renting before they buy. Here’s what you need to know.

Why You Need TWO Agents

Buying a home in The Villages works differently than just about everywhere else. Watch this short video to learn why.

Town Square Live Webcams

See what’s going on in The Villages right now. Hint: If it’s after 9pm it’s probably nothing šŸ˜‰

Alternatives to The Villages

Located less than an hour from The Villages, the Villages of Citrus Hills is a Florida Retirement Community with single family homes and maintenance free villas.

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