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Keep up the good work in keeping us Villagers informed as to what’s going on. The approach of our local newspaper in only telling stories that paint The Villages in a rosy hue does a disservice to its readership. A famous eastern newspaper’s motto: “All the News That Fit to Print” is in line with your publication’s approach.
– Charlie B.

Keep up the good work. I really appreciate you presenting that represents both the good and bad things that occur here. I am uncomfortable with the “goodie-2- shoes” reporting put out by The Villages management because it is not realistic. I prefer to hear more balanced reporting. I depend upon your newsletter to provide me with information to provide me with the balance I need. Keep it up. Thanks. – Wayne D.

Each month I’ll take you “behind the curtain” of Florida’s most popular community.

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If you’ve ever read The Kiplinger LetterĀ®, this will look and feel very familiar to you.

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Most issues are four pages long and cover 12-15 stories.
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