Brownwood Paddock Square

Brownwood Paddock Square is the third and final planned town square for The Villages. The other two town squares are Lake Sumter Landing Market Square and Spanish Springs Town Square.

Brownwood, which opened on October 12, 2012 is located in the Southwest corner of The Villages, west of Buena Vista Boulevard and north of County Road 44. This area is not yet as built up as other parts of The Villages, which many believe is why the developer took so long to start Brownwood which makes sense. Next door to Brownwood will be Antrim Dells, a 500,000 square foot commercial development/shopping mall.

Many speculate that because of Brownwood’s location in a corner of The Villages bordering major roadways and the addition of a major shopping/commercial development, it will be more open and accessible to those living outside of The Villages. However, most residents are looking forward to the completion of Brownwood, especially since it will help alleviate some of the crowding that happens at the other town squares, especially in the months of January through April when all the snowbirds are in town.

The theme of Brownwood (everything in The Villages has a theme…you’ll see) is “Old World Florida” and takes residents back to a time in the 1800’s when Florida’s cattle hunters and cowboys roamed the state.” I’m sure both Brownwood and Antrim Dells will be great additions to the amenities Villagers have at their doorstep.

The Villages ownership did a great job keeping everyone up to speed on the progress of Brownwood through their video updates which you can watch below. It’s fun to learn about the thought, care, and attention that went into the planning and construction of this third and final town square.

In this first video about the building of Brownwood we hear from several people responsible for designing and building The Villages third and final town square.

This video features designer Tracy Mathews discussing the inspiration behind Brownwood and you’ll also get an early look at the Palace Hotel being built there.

Listen to an interview with the environmental consultant in charge of the Brownwood project and learn more about all the work that happened before construction even began.

Learn about the unique reclaimed wood being used on the Brownwood Paddock Square project and hear some of the “history” (folklore) behind Brownwood.

This video features an interview with Dennis Graves, the artist responsible for a lot of the artwork you see throughout The Villages, and now at Brownwood Paddock Square.

In this episode we get to take a look inside the Barnstorm Theater, and hear from the landscape architect in charge of the Brownwood project.

This video shows even more progress on Brownwood, and shows some of the sculptures being brought in from Park City, Utah to grace Brownwood Paddock Square.

In this episode you get to take a look at the inside of some of the new buildings at Brownwood. They are really coming along. The movie theater looks incredible.

This episode takes a closer look at how all the landscaping is coming together as Brownwood nears completion. And check out that grand entrance. Very cool.

This is actually a bonus episode, showing you the new 500,000 gallon water tower under construction at Brownwood Paddock Square.

The finish line is in sight! Check out some of the almost finished buildings, and listen to a long chat with members of the Morse family.

Brownwood is open, and in this video you’ll see it and hear early reaction from residents. Plus, part 2 of a chat with members of the Morse family.

This is a bonus video showing the enormous bronze statues shipped in from Park City Utah, and also discusses some of the purpose of some of the landscaping surrounding these statues.

In this video we get a good look at the 11th Championship golf course to be built in The Villages, Evans Prairie, which is located near Brownwood in the south part of The Villages.

In this video you’ll hear from some of the architects responsible for creating many of the notable buildings in The Villages, and you’ll see some of the buildings yet to come in Brownwood.

This video covers some of the special events such as the Colonial Days event and Strawberry Festival held recently in Brownwood.

In this video you’ll get a first look at the new Eisenhower Recreation Center, the first rec center South of 466A near Brownwood. Also, a new Brownwood construction update.

53 thoughts on “Brownwood Paddock Square”

  1. Bruce Gintoft

    How many Cheeseheads live in TV? I am one and my wife and I are looking to move South in early ’14. We hope the community attitude and friendliness continues. And, I am looking to play a few games of Sheepshead in my retirement. Thank you, Ryan, for giving us a very good picture of all things, whether good or bad.

    We visited Brownwood last December and see that everything is being thought of. What a terrific place that will be to commingle with friends.

  2. We just visited The Villages and we are seriously considering buying, but we are not sure what neighborhood. One question I have: I know the Brownwood Paddock Square has a western theme, but does that mean most of the stores, restaurants, and entertainment will emphasize that theme?

  3. Irene Martin, I saw some buffalo the other day when I was exiting Wayne’s paint & body shop on Rt. 44. Right across the highwqay from Wayne’s is a house & I saw 3 or 4 buffalo in the front yard.

  4. I have asked in the past and since receiving no reply.. I ask again,
    Where are the Buffalo? Are they going to Brownwood???????????
    It’s no fair when we all have to suffer for the stupid actions of others.

  5. As a prospective “Villager,” I am thrilled that those that live outside “The Villages” are welcomed to shop at the stores and dine at the restaurants! When and if my husband and I move to The Villages, I would not like the idea that we would be surrounded by a certain age bracket of people. I like the idea of socializing with people of all ages, which is what we do now and if all are welcomed to the restaurants, it sound like that will be doable! 6 more years of work and we just may end up at The Villages! So far it sounds like a great place to end up! See you soon!

  6. Jack "FROSTY" Frost

    I have left three comments over the past 18 months. If you review them; especially the most recent on 2/22/13, you’ll see a change in attitude. Having developed a better perspective of not just The Villages, but central Florida as a whole, I find the community is not just The Villages but rather every part of the three counties that share in the success of our lifestyle. True, we have all made an investment but the saying “no man is an island” is most appropriate. The businesses (golf courses, restaurants, retailers) could not survive over the long haul without full patronage from the entire area. I am hoping that Vicki, Don Blankman, and several others, will review this comments section and see the transformation of my point of view. We continue to be proud members of The Villages community.

  7. Jack "FROSTY" Frost

    I reviewed most of the posted comments and Ashley’s on 9/16/12, was most perceptive in many ways. When immigrants came to America to initiate Europeans to the continent; the Native Americans were totally disregarded. It appears that all of us “Boomers” are doing much the same to original inhabitants of the Florida peninsula. Ashley, I appreciate all you have done in the generations before our arrival. Central Florida is such a magnificent geographical place to live. The developers have certainly added a whole wonderful lifestyle to enjoy, but it is to you and your relations that we truly owe a debt. Before there was The Villages, there was the intrinsic beauty that is Florida. Thank you for allowing us to share the peace and joy of such a remarkable environment.

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  9. Not too quick there frosty you come in here and suck up all our water and resources and then think you are going to keep everything private? Think again…. or go back to where you came from. We pay the same taxes you do and if it wasn’t for us locals you would not be here at all. So just don’t even go there with your frosty attitude.

  10. We are looking to see Rocky and the Rollers on Dec 28th at the Brownwood Square but are unable to find a street address to mapquest this new location. Being that the Villages is so spreadout and its easy to get lost when we visit it would be so helpful to have a business or street location to find this new location. Thanks!.

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  12. Went there today. How beautiful and truly love the theme of Brownwood. Can’t wait until all the buildings are filled. Hoping for some nice shopping. First place I have come across to express the true Cracker feeling….and I am just that, an old Cracker. We live in Inverness, however, I told my husband today I would love to live closer over there. Think that Cracker feeling may just convince him. Ladies at the Palace were extremely nice. Beautiful hotel!!!!

  13. Is their more to come for Brownwood or is the one street all that their will be. I am interested in knowing if their will be more restaurants as well as shops as in the other 2 squares.

  14. My husband & I recently obtained our State certification/ health inspection for our newly built food truck. A Villages resident suggested that “coming down to the new square at Brownwood to serve lunch” would be more than welcome. Who would we need to contact in order to obtain the necessary permission/permit to conduct business there?

  15. Wow very sad to hear that if I don’t live in the villages don’t spend my money there and don’t bring my kids well shame on you I took my kids to brownwood had the best time ever maybe it is time for u to take some time and look at the big picture here not every child has that parent who cares maybe you should of stop and talk to these kids and see if they need someone call for a ride or maybe there parents was the person who just waited on you shame on you

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  17. Hey Ryan, Where can we get a map of the proposed lots and layouts of this new 3rd Square. We were down visiting Mom and loved the area. We are getting ready to retire too and are interested in relocating there. The Villages are not currently offering one without appointment. We did, however, see one in a local newspaper when we were down there around April 2011. Can you look into this. Thank, Kathy

  18. Wonderful grand opening this weekend. Movie theater is absolutely breathtaking with first rate movies a la villages style!
    Love this place!
    The stores were not opened yet but had a good time walking around the new town square.

  19. The worst thing we can do as residents of The Villages is unintentionally imply that ALL are not welome in any of our three town centers. If we are going to promote ourselves as the “Most Welcoming Hometown” then we must fulfill this mantra. Villagers can’t pick and choose who will be welcome – ALL will be welcome – so long as they respect our basic standards of proper public behavior – Nudity, profanity, drug use, public drunkiness, aggressive/insulting behavior do not need to be tolerated. Villagers always are tolerant but draw the line at obviously offensive behavior.

  20. I think the building of Brownwood is great but the location at the very end of the TV is far and very close to what could be a problem with outsiders . I ‘m sure the many Villagers would have preferred it had been located on 466A more to the center of the southern area of the community . Everyone is waiting for it to open ?????????????????????????????????????????????WHEN

  21. I remember when I was young the father going broke in Chicago. My hat is off to him,his father and especially the children who now will run the Villages completion. THEY know what work and pleasing the customer is and did it very well. Those of you that complain should try other retirement villages. Oh yes things can be a little better but overall you will come back saying why did I leave.. Work and failure is the key to success and they ALL have earned it by knowing wht hard work and tough times are about Ron The Villages

  22. Still wondering when the grand opening will occur? Rumor has it that a band is scheduled there for Halloween?
    Why is this not being published at all in the Sun?

  23. I welcome this new town square , but I think the location is a problem.
    Simply too far away for a golf cart trip. I`ll stick with Sumter Landing.

  24. Through the Eyes of a Lifetime Local:
    Please remember that, although many of the roads have been made by the developer, a great number of roads that run through “gated” village areas were actually already there before The Villages ever expanded past being a quaint little retirement trailer park. These roads were paved and maintained by the local tax payers (meaning rural and city dwelling non villagers). It’s very annoying as a life time, 7th generation local resident to hear and witness the pompous attitudes and comments of certain Village residents who seem to think our entire county exists purely for their amusement! Civilation has thrived here since the mid 1800’s. I grew up playing in fields that are now housing developments. Members of my own family, as well as several of my friends, have sold personal property to the Villages to make the community you live in possible. We do not regret it! We made a pretty profit off of it, and enjoy being able to shave off a few minutes from our commute to go shopping. We enjoy meeting many of the residents who have chosen to make OUR home theirs as well. We love this area. We welcome others to love it with us. We do not want to see it grow past the current, end stage expansions because we don’t want to lose our small town way of life. We have a right to the shopping and the roads. And I’d be willing to bet, if you were honest with yourself, and open to the facts, that there are FAR more wreckless, village resident golf cart drivers than teen drivers of any vehicle. I am a home health nurse. I have personally visited patients who have suffered injury as a result of drunk seniors driving golf carts carelessly, and on the HIGHWAY at that! Look, I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be annoying to trip over an unsupervised minor lying in the sidewalk. Clearly that’s not safe for the Villager, or for the child. But apparently their is some misunderstanding as to what The Villages is. It’s more than a “retirement community”. It is much more than that. The Villages is a place where new residents and old, home town residents can thrive together. We build a stronger community together. We support a stronger economy together. Sometimes we get frustrated together! But so does every family, all over the globe. And as for those teens lying in your way, maybe what they really need is a word from a concerned stranger like yourself. Maybe they have a horrible home life, and God has placed them in your path to offer direction. Oh, you say you didn’t sign up to babysit? Well, neither did the stranger that your grandchild is annoying up north! Let’s all be nice to each other now. The Villages is called “Florida’s Friendliest Home Town” afterall!

  25. Drunk or unruly youths or adults certainly detract from the community and the safety of its citizenry. Just keep handy the non-emergency phone numbers for the Lady Lake police department or the Sumter County sheriff’s office. A quick call reporting such behavior can initiate an appropriate response from law enforcement and will go a long way toward making these types realize that such behavior won’t be tolerated. Both in these public areas and in our neighborhoods, we can be extra sets of eyes and ears for our law enforcement officers who can’t be everywhere at all times.

  26. Don, Steve, Eagle, et al, there needs to be a happy medium in the town squares if they are to stay in business. Retired people don’t want to be intimidated and jostled by unruly teens and businesses should want to keep a reputation for clean fun.

    – From the business stand point, they are just that, businesses. They are there to make a profit, not for the convenience of residents.

    – Having said this, from the residents point of view, law enforcement DOES have the responsibility to police the area so that all patrons feel safe. I have seen, on more than one occasion, rowdy teenagers driving too fast, with stereos at unacceptable levels. Last time I was in Sumter Landing, there were 4 drunk teens laying in the town square.

    Unacceptable behavior in any public arena and should be dealt with accordingly. Both the Village residents and the businesses pay taxes and should expect nothing less from the police departments.

  27. It was cute that the person complaining about proper English not being used in this correspondence did not capitalize the word “English.”

  28. Ryan. We have your book all about the villages ! Thank you! you have answered so many of our quesitions , now just waiting for our home to sell so can make the move to the villages. Looking forward to each new adventure that the villages offer. Thanks for all your newsletters : )

  29. who is the developer of the antrim dells shopping mall and who is the leasing agent? cannot find the info A the villages website for commercial property. thanx for any response

  30. Thank you Don for explaining a reasonable side of the coin for sharing this great community. Eagle, I have to say your comments disappoint me considerably. I am a business owner here in the Villages and rent space from the Villages. My kids have attended school here in the Villages for a couple of years now. I must say that we build your house you live in, we wait the tables at the restaurants you dine in, and provide many of the services that you use on a daily basis, yet you would like us to leave the community at sundown. Some of us do not live in the Villages…yet. I cannot comment on the “vagrants” that you witnessed in Spanish Springs, however it seems the police have better things to do with their time. Perhaps you should investigate some of the true stories surrounding the Villages p.r. such as the many vehicle accidents (golf cart and personal vehicle) that never get reported to the public due to the negative response that would hang over that truth.

  31. I’m really loving the Brownwood videos. What neighborhoods are near there? I’m planning on buying or building a home in the Villages in 1-2 years and would like to be located near Brownwood.

  32. I have to agree with “Frosty” to a certain extend.

    We have been at the “Spanish Springs” square quite often in the evening and seen youngsters hanging out at the corners. On one occasion, around midnight, we have seen them laying on the sidewalk, some of them appeared to be asleep, some just sitting on the sidwalk talking and waiting for whatever or whomever. They were looking like a bunch of vagrants with nowhere to go. I don’t think this is appropriate for a retirement community and I am very surprised that the local police does not make them move or have them call their parents or guardians to pick them up.

    This is certainly not good PR for The Villages. Considering the time of night, these youngsters were not there to spend money. Stores are closed at that time and they were too young to enter a bar and too young to drive (some were on bicycles).

    If responsible adult outsiders want to visit The Villages, shop at the local stores and enjoy the entertainment and eateries like we do, then by all means let them in. If they want to bring their children and teenagers along and as long as they manage them appropriately, then they are most welcome.

  33. Ryan — Is there an anticipated opening date for Brownwood? We’re renting in TV later this year and are hoping it will be completed by then.

    As always, thanks for all your up-to-date FL information.

  34. Not so fast Frosty, it is not the investment by Villagers in their homes that made the town squares a success. It is the additional contributions and patronage of people who visit the centers from outside the Villages that make the restaurants and retail shops successful. They would die without support from outside. The same is true of the championship golf courses, and clubhouse restaurants. If they were used exclusively by Villagers, you would see them close down in no time at all. There would not be enough revenue to keep them open. My wife and I lived in a private golf and racket club community in Palm Beach County for a few years before coming to The Villages in 2002..Although guests of residents were permitted to play our two courses and eat at our two clubhouses, each resident was assessed $900 at the beginning of each year for food at the clubhouse restaurant, whether they ate there or not. The annual golf membership fee was $12,000, the cart fee was $1,500 and as people grew older, they no longer wanted , or were able, to play golf. Consequently, they refused to pay the fees. There were only 850 homes to share the burden of two 18 hole golf courses and two clubhouses. They needed to open up the golf courses and restaurants to the public in order to curb the ever-increasing costs of operation. Another smart thing the developer of The Villages did was to make the streets public so that revenue from the county wide taxes goes to maintain these streets. Our streets where we lived in Palm Beach were private and although we had far fewer amenities available to us, our monthly amenity fees were $300. Here in The Villages we all enjoy the luxury of semi-privacy and excellent private amenities at bargain prices. Enjoy them! Don

  35. Jack Frost - FROSTY

    When completed, the Villages development will be nearly 120k population. Does the developer have any plans to limit access to the three town squares to only Villages residents? I’m not a snob, but it is the investment each of us made in purchasing our homes in the development that has made all of the ammenities possible. Seems to me that without some control, the beautiful Villages environment could be pressured by attendance from people who have not made similar investments in the Villages community as a whole. I am so proud to be a part of this exceptional community; I would hate for non-residents to denigrate what the developer has worked so hard to create.

  36. For some reason TV changed the original #6 video out. I’ve replaced it above with the newest version.

  37. Why is Episode #6 private now? I missed watching it last month and now I can’t because it says the video is private.

  38. Ryan,
    You have got to be the “BEST”…What a wonderful thing you do by keeping us all informed of the Villages.I have been following the Villages since forever now, and we have the 1st video that Harold took in the beginning of time..What a great place to be and what a supper family, the Morse’s, and the Schwartz’s are..Harold would be very happy to know someone is as interested in his and his son’s accomplisments as you, and so well informed. We were residence of Lady Lake for 8 years, and moved back to Connecticut, but have plans of moving back sometime in the future..
    Again Thanks for all you do………….Keep up the good work,sure can’t wait to see the finished product.

  39. Hi Ryan,

    Always look forward to all the info you provide. Thanks you so much. Do you know yet what stores are planning to come to Antrim Dells?

  40. Those who respond to your newsletter should be required to write in proper english and not associated with WVLG.

  41. Tom – Villagers sometimes refer to themselves as Frogs because “they’re here ’til they croak” 🙂

  42. Marjory McWethy

    I have been a home owner since 1998 and could not be prouder of the continued expansions going on. I tell as many people that I can about how safe and comfortable I feel here as I am widowed. I can go anywhere and feel right at home with all the friendly people who are here. Keep up the great work. I ENJOY EVERY DAY.











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