The Villages Golf Carts on CBS This Morning

This CBS This Morning story on golf carts in The Villages discussed the golf cart lifestyle in The Villages, interviews a few Villagers about how they use their carts, and showed some very cool custom golf carts on the road today in The Villages.

Want to read more about The Villages golf carts? Here’s some other articles we’ve written on the subject:

How to find a golf cart rental – Many of the homes available for rent in The Villages will come with a golf cart. But some don’t, in which case you’ll probably need to find a rental cart. Here’s where to look.

Where do people buy golf carts in The Villages? – Like the tricked out golf carts you see in the video above? Here’s where to look when you’re ready to get your own.

If you want to see more of these tricked out carts, my friends over at The Villages Daily Photo have some great pictures of golf carts in The Villages.

The Villages Golf Carts

13 thoughts on “The Villages Golf Carts on CBS This Morning”

  1. My friend built his house there about 13 years ago. I thought he was crazy to move from Maryland until I visited..which I have many times.
    What a refreshing, beautiful & fun community. I’m privileged to be able to spend time in such a great place..

    Thanks, Dave Holter, my buddy

  2. I have visited there several times and really get a charge out of all the golf carts and happy owners. Thanks for rounding them up in this great feature. It is a pleasure to watch.

  3. Louise goldsmithololl

    It is true! We need a Village for everything in life. Thanks for sharing.

    Louise Goldsmith
    Reno, Nv.

  4. Levesque,Jean-Yves

    As a Canadian French snowbird,I doubt I’d fit in your group w/ my broken English.But I want to congratulate the developer for such a wonderfull project.To the whole group of owners,enjoy;you have a terrific place.I’m sure you’re the most happy retirees on earth.

  5. Loved the golf carts you all look happy and content enjoying life to the full,long may it continue ,wish I was there with you.

  6. Living in the Villages is my dream come true.It is a wonderful lifestyle. The Golf carts are only the tip of the icebreg. You have to see it.

  7. The golf carts are nice, but they don’t protect me from the rain or offer me air conditioning like my new Wheego does! I love it! Simply amazing. Its electric like a golf cart but cuter and more safe. You can get them in st pete at suncoast!

  8. I have visited The Villages before and the golf carts there are out of this world customs. I have supplied the locals there with parts and accessories for years. I appreciate all the support and look forward to all the success in the community.

  9. Donna Joanne Williams

    I continue to be fascinated with the idea of living in The Villages of Florida. After first hearing of pickle ball being played there, I thought what a great idea. I also love to dance and call myself the unfulfilled dancer because I have yet to find a dance partner to spend the last chapter of my life with. As I turn 70 at the end of this year I see myself as a single “golden girl” and my mind explores the idea of living in a 2 bedroom Villa with a bathroom in each bedroom and a 1/2 bathroom for guests. I like the idea of having a roommate male or female. It would be designed with space allowing you your own privacy but still giving you the option of interacting with the other person. People single or married might also like this concept. Is anything like this being done in Florida, or The Villages of Florida in particular?

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