Updates on Eastport, Southern Oaks Bridge, Sawgrass and more

This week The Villages gave us a closer look at what we can expect to see at Eastport:

Here’s what else I’m reading and watching this week:

Also on the development front, Don Wiley shared a video on the progress of the new Southern Oak bridge:

Speaking of Don, he recently threw his hat in the ring for election to the Sumter County Commission:

Papa Pineapples gave us a look at some of the finishing touches being put on Sawgrass Grove:

I’m all for the rules & regulations and covenants & restrictions residents have to abide by. I think they help to keep the community the great place that it is. But I think this is a little ridiculous:

Easter is right around the corner, and Camp Villages sounds like it’s going to be “hopping”:

One thing about The Villages being so close a federal prison is that you never know who just might be doing time right next door:

Have a great week!

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