Elsa Spares The Villages, The Villages “Beach”, Daily Sun vs. Villages-News, and more

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This week Elsa passed by but other than a little rain and a few nights of no entertainment at the town squares, the effects were next to nothing.

Did you know The Villages has a “beach” nearby? Well, kinda, sorta. Eaton’s Beach is really just a sandbar on the shore of Lake Weir, but there’s a restaurant and bar, you can rent beach chairs, kayaks, jet skis, and other water toys.

My buddy Skip Smith put out a video this week that gives you a quick look: 

Speaking of beaches, if you’re looking for a real beach, I just put together a list of more than 36 of them over on my other website:

36+ of the Best Beaches in Florida (Florida for Boomers)

Thought this was a nice story involving veterans and puppies:

Only in The Villages: K9 pups for vets (The Villages Daily Sun)

Nice to see The Villages Grown produce being used at more and more restaurants, and now you can get your hands on it at Publix stores in The Villages:

Villages Grown’s produce now for sale at Publix (The Villages Daily Sun)

Sometimes I get the sense that the two main news outlets in The Villages…The Villages Daily Sun and Villages-News…don’t care for each other much.

Earlier this week I saw a headline in The Villages Daily Sun that seemed a little out of place, or maybe off topic, compared to what they normally write about:

New law penalizes websites that won’t remove mugshots (The Villages Daily Sun)

Seems like an obvious swipe at Villages-News, which regularly publishes mugshots in their articles.

Then I came across this headline, which I guess you might call Villages-News’ response (mugshot included):

Lofts at Brownwood leasing team member busted on DUI charge (Villages-News)

Can’t we all just get along 😉

Speaking of getting along, I’ve shared a few articles here and there on the topic of the little white crosses that some residents put in their yards. One local church is throwing their weight behind the “pro white cross” camp:

Church passes out 200 little white crosses in support of ongoing battle in The Villages (Villages-News)

And in restaurant news this week, we’re learning who will be taking over the Cody’s location at Mulberry Grove Plaza:

Successful restaurateurs will take over shuttered location in The Villages (Villages-News)

Heading to The Villages to look for homes this summer? Don’t forget I can hook you up with someone that will show you resales that the developer’s sales agents won’t show you. Full details here.

That’s all for this week!


7 thoughts on “Elsa Spares The Villages, The Villages “Beach”, Daily Sun vs. Villages-News, and more”

  1. I think we are far better informed by having the Villages News. Ignoring truth never eradicates facts.

  2. Many years ago when we first came to the Villages I volunteered at the Villages “garden”. I loved working there, but hurt myself when I fell once. While I was working a Person who has since opened a very popular Italian restaurant asked if he could purchase the herbs that we raised there as they were so healthy and fresh. I had to tell him that these vegetables were being freely given to people who need them and were not for sale.
    What happened to that theory or is it still in place on a limited scale?

  3. Is it true if you purchase a new home in The Villages, you cannot sell the home for one year. If you sell before one year, the home cannot be sold for a greater price than what was originally paid plus any improvements.

      1. Now you have opened a can of worms. Is it true you can’t sell a house unless you owned it for a year??? What about the people who buy, reno and want to sell to make money? They can actually tell a person that they can’t sell their house when they want too. REALLY!!

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