Family-friendly Middleton, Fall Excursions, Open Air Concerts, and more

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This week The Villages released not one, but two “Continuing the Dream” video updates. Part 1 is all about Middleton, the family-focused neighborhood that will be adjacent to The Villages. It’s a great video and you should watch if you’re interested in learning more about that area.

But Part 2 on the progress at Sawgrass Grove might be of more immediate interest to the majority of my readers:

Here’s what else I’m watching and reading this week:

We’re not quite there temperature-wise yet, but it’s “almost” time to get out and enjoy Fall:

Fall outdoor excursions are ramping up (The Villages Daily Sun)

Visit any of the town squares in The Villages between the hours of 5pm and 9pm, and you’re bound to see some pretty lousy dancers. But two Villagers who just so happen to be professional dance performers and instructors are on a mission to change that:

Dancing With Heart and Soul (Lake and Sumter Style Magazine)

More progress on the fire/ambulance front:

Lawmakers Support Special Fire District Focused on Retirees (The Villages Daily Sun)

Tickets for the Open Air Concert Series taking place at The Villages Polo Club Dec. 14-19 went on sale this week:

Open Air Concert Series (The Villages Entertainment)

I’m off to Walt Disney World to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the park’s opening (October 1, 1971), so that’s all she wrote this week folks!


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