Golf Cart Insurance in The Villages

For many people in The Villages, the golf cart is the family car. You can literally get just about anywhere here by golf cart.

Many Villagers actually sell their cars. If they need to get to the airport or somewhere else, they just take The Villages shuttle service or hitch a ride with a friend. Imagine what you would save in gas, payments, and insurance by not having a car.

But, it is a good idea to get golf cart insurance, just in case you have one too many at happy hour down at Market Square and hit something, or God forbid someone else.

You can get golf cart insurance from most insurance agencies here, and it will run you about $60-$80 depending on the coverage limits you want.

There’s also another service you should consider for your golf carting and it is kind of like AAA for golf carts. A company called Kart Aide is a service you can pay $29.95 per year for a membership and if you get a flat, run out of gas/juice, etc. you can call them and they will come to your rescue. Pretty cool, and one of those things that you’ll be glad you have when you least expect it.


2 thoughts on “Golf Cart Insurance in The Villages”

  1. Update your information regarding golf cart insuring companies.
    Allstate is not renewing any policies for golf cart coverage.
    Clifford Insurance in Summerville FL isn’t either!

    HELP in finding a carrier that does B4 our policies expire!

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