Introducing Eastport Lifestyle Center, a Ron DeSantis Town Hall, and Fixing the Moyer Recreation Center Sinkholes

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This week The Villages gave us a first look at their plans for the Eastport Lifestyle Center, and gave us an update on the progress at Sawgrass Grove:

See also:

New town center to add lifestyle options (The Villages Daily Sun)

A common thing you hear is that residents move 2-3 times on average during their time in The Villages. Part of this is due to residents in older parts of The Villages seeing all the cool stuff going into the newer sections, and deciding they want to be closer to the fresh action and excitement.

After watching the video above, I think you’ll have a lot of current residents getting a little more curious about the newer neighborhoods, and who can blame them?

Here’s what else I’m reading this week:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If Ron DeSantis spends any more time in The Villages, he’s going to have to start paying his fair share of the amenity fee 😉

After opening a monoclonal antibody treatment center at Barnstorm Theater in Brownwood Paddock Square last week, the Florida Governor was back again this week for a town hall at the Brownwood Hotel and Spa.

DeSantis extols Sunshine state’s many successes (The Villages Daily Sun)

While it was all sunshine and roses inside the town hall event, outside the reception was not quite so warm:

Protesters greet Gov. DeSantis upon his arrival at event in The Villages (Villages-News)

Two things I know for sure about sinkholes. One, they’re going to happen, and two, they’re expensive to fix:

Moyer Rec Center sinkhole repair price climbs to nearly half a million dollars (Villages-News)

If you ever get tired of the excitement “inside the bubble” it’s always good to know there are plenty of things to do “outside the bubble”. This article has a few suggestions:

Hit the Road (Lake and Sumter Style)

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. Get out there and have a great Labor Day weekend, and if you’d like to relax with a good book, mine is on sale this weekend.

Talk soon,

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