Residents Enjoy Brownwood Lofts, Off Property Apartments, Cane Garden CC Closed Due to Roaches and Rodents

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I continue to track all the latest news and updates as it relates to coronavirus in The Villages.

You can read this week’s coronavirus updates here.

Apartments dominated much of the conversation (well, besides covid) in The Villages for much of 2020.

For those just joining us, the developer is pushing to add more apartments and several residents are trying to push back.

But no matter whose side you’re on, there’s no denying there’s a market for them.

Residents enjoy life in Brownwood lofts (The Villages Daily Sun)

Speaking of the Lofts at Brownwood, you can catch a glimpse of those, as well as some other (off property) apartments being built adjacent to The Villages in this video from the always great Gold Wingnut. You’ll also see a ton of other new development going on:

The final White House Coronavirus Task Force report created during the Trump administration was released this week, and it recommended that Florida once again close bars, gyms, and inside dining at restaurants.

I don’t see that happening anytime soon, but apparently some restaurants are trying to take matters into their own hands:

Cane Garden Country Club shut down due to rodents and roaches (Villages-News)

The Villages Balloon Festival will begin before you hear from me again next weekend, so I figured I’d mention it to you here.

It is scheduled to take place February 5 at 3pm and February 6 at 7am and 3pm at The Villages Polo Fields.

According to The Villages Entertainment website the event “will feature a hot air balloon competition, tethered balloon rides, entertainment as well as retail and arts and crafts vendors.”

You can learn more here or check out this video from a previous balloon festival:

The event is not free…you can buy a $20 weekend pass or pay $15 for a day pass. I’ve not attended, but I have seen comments from people who felt the event was a little over-priced. But there’s only one way for you to figure that out 😉

Until next time, have a great week and stay safe out there!

– Ryan

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