Mailbox Stickers, Running of the Town Squares, Holiday Mail theft, and more

Here in The Villages, your regular mail does not get delivered straight to your house. It goes to your neighborhood postal station and you’ll have a mailbox there. Some people put a small sticker on their mailbox so it’s easier to find among the many others.

Here’s a fun video with a look at some of them from Villages YouTuber sonofmabarker:

Here’s what else I’m reading and watching this week:

While we’re on the topic of mail, did any of your grandkids not receive their Christmas cards from you this year? This could be why:

I’ve updated my Covid-19 page with links to CDC data for all three counties The Villages is part of:

New Year, New District Manager:

I think First Responders Recreation Center is going to be a really neat place:

The Villages Public Safety Department is getting ready to operate ambulance services within The Villages on Oct. 1:

Now THAT is a lot of golf:

I thought this was a cool video of the recent Running of the Squares 5k:

That’s all I’ve got for you this week!


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