Properties of The Villages Trial, the Best Villages Overview Video, and Men’s Health Article on Brownwood’s Aviv Clinic

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I continue to track all the latest news and updates as it relates to coronavirus in The Villages.

You can read this week’s coronavirus updates here.

Ken Pozek is a real estate agent who works primarily in the Orlando area, but he recently made the trip up to check out The Villages and he and his business partner Bree have made what I think is one of the better overview videos of The Villages I’ve seen. Check it out:

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

The Villages: Services by golf cart and antique car menorah parades (South Florida Sun Sentinel)

I came across this fascinating article in Men’s Health of all places about one of the tenants in the Center for Advanced Healthcare at Brownwood:

The Aviv Clinics at The Villages Is Where Aging Goes to Die (Men’s Health)

I’ve also been following the trial pitting former Properties of the Villages agents against their former company.

Long story short as I understand it, two former agents started a competing real estate firm in The Villages despite having signed non-compete agreements. They are arguing that their non-compete agreements should not stand because they were treated as employees and not independent contractors while at Properties of The Villages.

Villages-News has been following the trial (which is taking place in Tampa) every day this week:

Jennifer Parr star witness in first day of federal trial involving sales representatives (Villages-News)

One interesting bit from her testimony:

“Parr said under oath that The Villages will double in size and that State Road 44 is now seen by the Morse family as the geographic center of the community.”

Even as someone who follows The Villages on a daily basis, I knew we had lots of room to grow still, but I’m not sure I fully grasped that DOUBLING in size was the plan.

Villages VP of Sales reveals a few interesting facts in first day of testimony (Villages-News)

The Villages director of technology alleges departing sales reps stole info (Villages-News)

Competition and loyalty take center stage at Properties of The Villages trial (Villages-News)

Former sales reps for The Villages skewered on witness stand in federal trial (Villages-News)

Former sales representative testifies atmosphere changed after death of Gary Morse (Villages-News)

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3 thoughts on “Properties of The Villages Trial, the Best Villages Overview Video, and Men’s Health Article on Brownwood’s Aviv Clinic”

  1. I do not believe anything is being built or being done to benefit any current resident . It is all about making more money while selling the idea that it’s a great friendly neigborhood..

  2. Rose Marie Zamary

    I enjoy reading the Bubble, a friend sends it to me. Visited there and was very impressed. I agree they are getting too big, concentrate on the present villagers. Also would like information on rental properties so I can return.

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