One Year Into the Pandemic, The Villages Comedy Club, “Full Connectivity” and more

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I continue to track all the latest news and updates as it relates to coronavirus in The Villages.

You can read this week’s coronavirus updates here.

March 13 marks the one year anniversary of when I posted my very first coronavirus update. You can of course read all of my coronavirus updates at the link above.

Today I just spent some time reading back through some of the first updates from March and April.

I’m not really sure whether the past year felt like the slowest year ever, or the fastest year ever, but I definitely think everyone would agree it was one of the strangest years ever.

Even if you don’t normally read my weekly coronavirus updates, I hope you’ll take a moment to scroll back to the beginning and check out the year we’ve all been through together.

After a year like the one we all just had, how about some comedic relief?

That’s exactly what you’ll find at Lazy Mac’s Laugh’s Comedy Club, located inside the Old Mill Theater at Lake Sumter Landing.

Old Mill Playhouse to debut comedy club (The Villages Daily Sun)

Speaking of comedy, in some neighborhoods it’s looking a little like Cousin Eddie and his RV are about 9 months early for Christmas Vacation.

What’s going on?

From the District:

Per the Declaration of Restrictions, RVs are permitted to be parked in a resident’s driveway for 72 hours. The District owns and operates two Recreational Vehicles Storage Facilities in The Villages. One of those storage facilities (the Industrial Lot located off of Rolling Acres Road) is in the process of receiving maintenance including seal coating and re-striping. Many of the vehicles needed to be removed from the lot for the maintenance to take place. The work began on March 1, 2021 and should be complete by the end of this month, weather permitting. While the work takes place, there may be an increase of RVs parked in driveways. While RVs are not normally permitted to be parked at recreation centers, some may be parked there temporarily while the RV lot is closed.

Deed restriction temporarily relaxed on RVs in driveways in The Villages (Villages-News)

Last but not least, The Villages now has full connectivity, as the Water Lily Bridge officially opened this week:

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That’s all for this week!


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  1. Thanks to your book we are going to the villages to buy a home. We want a new home and are looking in Hawkins. Can’t find much info on the area, can you kindly shed some light on the pros and cons of Hawkin.

    Thank you

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