Should You Join The Villages POA and HOA?

You may be used to seeing new developments in Florida and other places that are run by Homeowners Associations, which in turn are run by the developer for communities that are still being developed and built. But most of the normal functions of the HOA like you’re thinking of are taken care of by The Villages CDD’s.

But that didn’t stop residents from forming an POA and an HOA of their own to serve as kind of “watchdog” groups for residents of The Villages.

The dues for both are very low, and you do get some discounts at local restaurants and businesses for being a member.

I encourage you to join so that, if nothing else, you at least give the people making decisions concerning the future of The Villages the sense that someone is watching what they are doing and are concerned about the decisions they make and their impact on current and future residents of The Villages.

You can visit the POA website at: and the HOA website at

2 thoughts on “Should You Join The Villages POA and HOA?”

  1. I’m curious if any villa residents are having a hard time with the villages about guest parking violations? I for one use the space since I rarely drive my automobile. I drive my golf cart on a daily basis. I’m the only vehicle parked there with 6 unused spaces. 1st I’ve been threatened with letters for law suits and now by towing said vehicle. I’ve ignored all notices due to the fact there are open spaces available. Just curious if anyone else has had this problem?
    I know their is at least one person complaining out of 96 residents. Would a signed petition do any good?
    Thanks, Scot

  2. i’ll sign a petition saying that you should use your own garage. Why should you be allowed to park there, especially during the busy season. Think of others and stop being so selfish. Those spots are for GUESTS. Which Villas do you live in ?

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