The Bubble Movie Trailer (2021)

Another movie about The Villages?

That appears to be the case!

Hot on the heels of the recent movie Some Kind of Heaven comes another film about The Villages with a name I must say I’m pretty partial to:

“The Bubble”.

Here’s the trailer:

Many readers did not like Some Kind of Heaven, feeling that the main characters did not represent what most Villagers are like, and though I encourage anyone interested in The Villages to watch the film, I agree with that assessment.

Without seeing this new film yet, “The Bubble” seems like it may be less focused on following a set of characters around, and more focused on the pros and cons of The Villages as a whole.

I guess we’ll see how far off base that assessment is after we all see the whole movie.

“The Bubble” is directed by Austrian filmmaker Valerie Blankenbyl, and recently made its world premier at the Visions du Reél film festival.

Here’s an interview the director did with Variety.

For those readers who are in Florida and want to watch this film you might be in luck.

“The Bubble” is playing at the Sarasota Film Festival which takes place from April 30 to May 9, 2021 and, at least as of the time of this writing, it is available in their Virtual Screening catalog. It appears it’s viewing is restricted to Florida only.

I happily paid my $8 and can’t wait to watch the film on April 30. I’ll be sure to share my thoughts after I watch it.

Over to you! How do you think this new movie will be? Do you plan to watch it? Let me know in the comments down below!

4 thoughts on “The Bubble Movie Trailer (2021)”

  1. Irrelavent! Anybody paying attention to what’s going on in the “rest of the world”? While the Villages isn’t perfect, it sure as hell beats the rampant, self-centered bs “out there”. Values … Served my country for 52 years … very disappointed. This is Sanctuary before the storm!

  2. I will definitely watch the movie!! Am very interested in the villages but have always been concerned that everything is family owned, just seems like greed could overpower the benefits especially since they back the campaign of all local politicians and own them too.

  3. Watching the trailer says enough for me, all this film is- is another chance to take snarky shots at the people who made this community what it is / guess what the Morse family is rich off of it-of course they are!- great kudos to them for GROWING a place where we ALL can live and dance out the rest of what is left for us-Never seems to fail, the larger The Villages grows the more opinions lay upon it. Is it perfect? of course not. I understand the film maker is entitled to their opinion, but I can also see through the devious slants against religion, politics and privilege. Too bad, I for one started out poor and only now in my 60’s saved enough to be able to live in the Villages. BUT at-least The Villages affords the opportunity for one to feel a piece of happiness. For that I will always be appreciative of! Life here unfortunately will pass much too fast, If the filmmaker really doesn’t like it, maybe they can find a better place to be creative or snarky where there is less space, less people, less satisfaction. but I guess that wouldn’t be enough to pick on

  4. Looking forward when my timing is right to move to The Villages I read enough to know I want the lifestyle and activities as well as living in a “Bubble.” I’m okay with rules & regulations. I see I it as a necessity for the good of the community, it’s people & protect property values.

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