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Kind of a quiet week coming up here in The Villages. Everyone is still undoubtedly recovering from the election and preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday that will quickly be upon us.

While some folks will be celebrating Thanksgiving in The Villages, others will be traveling to various parts of the country. With that in mind, whether you live in The Villages currently, or are perhaps thinking of moving here, I just wanted to point out how easy it is to get around here. Of course you probably know about the ability to get around The Villages by golf cart, even to the hospital, grocery store, and Wal Mart.

The Villages Airport Shuttle Bus
The Villages Airport Shuttle Bus

But I’m talking about getting to and from the airport, Orlando International, which is about an hour and a half from The Villages. There is a shuttle bus that runs to and from the airport ($40-$50 per person each way, depending on whether you live in The Villages or are just visiting) which makes this ultra convenient. Click here for details.

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  1. I heard you have a promotion going on your shuttle bus to and from Orlando airport. Would you share that with me please? I live in The Villages.

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  3. I wanted to correct the on formation in this article. The price quoted is incorrect. It is $30 per person each way for the shuttle and home pickup or drop off service is $10 per household each way. They also provide tranport to the Ports as well as private cars for hire to Sanford and Tampa Airport. I feel they are wonderful and provide a much needed service for the local residents.

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