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The Villages Charter High School - Photo courtesy of The Villages Daily Photo

In September of 1999, the dream of building a top notch school that would provide a superior education was realized when the Sumter County School board granted approval for The Villages Charter School (TVCS). Ground was broken one month later and by fall of 2000, the school was ready to help over 300 young students, from PK-3 through 5th grade, begin their journey to an exemplary education. For the next three years, enrollment would grow, grades would be added, and with the addition of a high school in 2003, TVCS became a full PK-3 through 12 educational academy.

Although TVCS is a relatively new school, its accomplishments are numerous. It consistently receives “A” ratings from the Florida Dept. of Education for high scores on the FCAT tests and high academic standards. Girls and boys sports have become increasingly successful with the school’s very first win coming from the football team in 2004. The Buffalos went on to a 7-2 record that year.

In 2006, the first class of seniors graduated from VHS, with Gov. Jeb Bush offering their commencement speech.

In 2009, just ten years since the ground breaking, 2015 students enrolled in TVCS, and in 2010 enrollment increased to a record 2110 students.

Criteria for acceptance into TVCS differ from traditional schools. Only employees of The Villages may enroll their children in the school. Preference is given to direct employees of The Villages, then employees of direct sub-contractors of The Villages, and finally to employees of businesses located in The Villages. Proof of eligibility is required at enrollment, and verified each month during the school year.

Students can begin their education at the age of three, entering the Pre-K program. Development of emotional and social skills, motor skills, language skills, and learning skills of these young students will be the primary objective. After school programs include Violin lessons, ballet and Karate.

Academics for Kindergarten through 4th grade launch students on the path to excellence. Courses focus on basic skills necessary for a successful education. Language, writing, reading, mathematics, social studies, and science are given top priority. Other curriculum includes art, music, P.E., and Spanish. Students are challenged to reach for success, and given opportunities to learn advanced technical skills from keyboarding to multi-media presentations in a 25-station computer lab. After school programs offer violin, soccer, scouting, Spanish, cheer leading, etiquette, and more.

The Villages Middle School encourages students to broaden their horizons. Core curriculum continues to help students achieve proficiency in basic academic skills, but their education will go far beyond the traditional classroom. Technology skills are refined with advanced instruction preparing students for the future. Office software and the latest remedial computer programs provide a foundation for success. Entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged, and many opportunities are available to assist them. The Buffalo Adventures Program provides balance to round out student academics, offering activities such as Culinary Arts, dance, golf, and football. Every student is sure to find an activity that will interest and inspire them.

In The Villages High School, students are challenged in an intense learning environment to prepare them for college and life. Students can choose from six specialized academies to suit their interests and long term goals; Health Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Communications, Fine Arts, and the Advanced Studies Academies. Varsity sports, clubs, and other activities round out the educational experience.

TVCS offers beautiful modern campuses in an environment that strives for perfection. Faculty and students alike are held to high expectations. However, the pride gained from their achievements inspires students to stretch beyond their reach, and explore new horizons on their way to success.

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