Where to Stash Your Cash – The Villages Florida Banks

One thing you’ll want to do, perhaps even before moving to The Villages full-time, is to open a checking account with a bank in The Villages.

Now if you have your account with one of the large national banks that have branches in and around The Villages, unless you’ve been itching to make a change, you’re probably good. Nothing to worry about for you.

But if you keep your money with a smaller local or regional bank where you live, or again, perhaps want to use this time of great change as an opportunity to make a switch to a different bank, this article is for you.

Moving Your Money
One way to fund your new bank account is to initiate a wire transfer from your old bank account. However, if you just want to fund it with a check, you can do that too and avoid any wire transfer fees. You might have to wait a day or so for your check to clear before you can use your new account though.

Citizen’s First Bank
Citizen’s First Bank is dubbed “The Villages Hometown Bank” and is the most widespread as far as branches and ATM locations are concerned.

Citizen's First Bank - Spanish Springs Location
Citizen’s First Bank on Main Street in Spanish Springs

Citizen’s was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in The Villages. Though I don’t have exact figures, I’m confident in saying that Citizen’s has the largest market share among residents of The Villages.

And while many banks were hurt in the downturn of the last few years, Citizen’s First has continued to grow and prosper, primarily due to the continued growth of The Villages.

According to one of our readers:

I have banked with Citizens First for the 14 years I have lived in The Villages. They are friendly, convenient and don’t treat you like a number. They take a personal interest in every customer and most of all, they are solvent. You just can’t say that about every bank. No bail outs here.

Citizen’s First has 8 locations in The Villages including a new office in Brownwood, and 1 in Leesburg. There are more than 40 ATM’s spread all throughout The Villages and customers are also allowed to use the MoneyPass ATM network and Publix’s Presto ATM’s without incurring any ATM surcharges.

Just like your larger national banks Citizen’s has on-line banking and most of the other services you’re accustomed to seeing.

Citizen’s First Branch Locations:

Avenida Central Office
903 Avenida Central
The Villages, FL 32159
Phone: (352) 751-2124

Brownwood Office
2601 West Torch Lake Drive
The Villages, FL 32163
Phone: (352) 751-2030

Colony Plaza Office
395 Colony Blvd. 
The Villages, FL 32162
Phone: (352) 391-1991

Lake Sumter Landing Office
1050 Lake Sumter Landing 
The Villages, FL 32162
Phone: (352) 751-2100

Main Street Office (Spanish Springs)
1129 Main Street
The Villages, FL 32159
Phone: (352) 259-3280

Mulberry Grove Office
8590 SE 165th Mulberry Lane
The Villages, FL 32162
Phone: (352) 751-2121

Southern Trace Office
3430 Southern Trace
The Villages, FL 32162
Phone: (352) 751-2125

Spanish Plaines Office
1500 Banderos AvenueThe Villages, FL 32159
Phone: (352) 751-2122

Other Bank Locations in The Villages
Again, just because Citizen’s is the most popular of The Villages banks, you might choose to bank elsewhere. Here are some of your other options:

Bank of America
2315 Parr Drive
Lady Lake, FL 32162
(352) 751-4223

Chase Bank
2335 Parr Dr.
The Villages, FL 32162

Wells Fargo Bank
2415 Parr Dr, The Villages, FL 32162
(352) 753-4669

13707 N US HWY 441
LADY LAKE, FL, 32159
Phone: 352-751-4627

Phone: 352-330-1480

Sun Trust Bank
2365 Parr Dr, The Villages, FL 32162
(352) 751-1381

4085 Wedgewood Ln, Villages, FL
(352) 391-1680

2385 Parr Dr, The Villages, FL 32162
(800) 734-4667

3340 Wedgewood Ln, The Villages, FL 32162
(352) 751-6253

Insight Credit Union
530 N. Hwy. 27/441
Lady Lake, FL 32159

11 thoughts on “Where to Stash Your Cash – The Villages Florida Banks”

  1. You left out Insight Credit Union. We are a full service financial bank and have local branches in Lady Lake and Leesburg.

  2. I looked into finding a bank that would allow me to transfer money back and forth with my main bank in Ohio. The closest location in Florida was an hour away so I did not want to travel that far regularly. Citizens First could not accommodate my needs, I then looked at Bank of America but realized they had no bank close to me in Ohio, After researching, I have decided to go with Chase as my second bank when I relocate permanently to the Villages. They have a location in my home town in Ohio and also near my kids in PA when I decide to beat the heat in Florida.

  3. Debbie Testement

    13 years of living in The Villages and Citizens is still an awesome bank. You are treated as a Villages family member and not a number!
    Career wise lived in multiple states and did all the big banks…would never go back!

  4. I have a checkig account at Citizens to pay my Florida bills but my main bank is Wells Fargo because I need another account that I can use up north as I am a snowbird and need a bank that is in both places.

  5. You left out community bank & trust of Florida. They are a small community bank and we love them. Full service bank they have two offices in or near the villages. The main office in Ocala.

  6. We use ALLY BANK……has all the services and it is mobile. I can get cash from any ATM and they refund any ATM fees. I can scan any checks for deposits from my computer. Can’t deposit cash easily so we spend the cash. Debit card, pay bills, loans, CD’s, Savings….they do it.

    ING (Capital One) also has all the services of a bank.

  7. We use ALLY BANK…an online bank. Deposits (scan your checks), loans, ATM’s (use anyone’s and they refund the ATM fees), CD’s, Savings, IRA’s.

    CAPITALONE 360 is another on-line bank. Better rates at ALLY BANK.

    Never have to worry when traveling.

  8. Opened an account with Citizens were our mortage is since we live in the Villages. Having so many problems trying to get on line. Regions is further but will not change until we can get this problem resolve. Marge Medwid

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