The Villages Maps and Apps

The Villages is a huge place and it definitely takes newcomers some time to get the lay of the land. 

Top to bottom, The Villages currently measures about 14 miles long and its about 5 miles across at its widest point. 

One of the best ways for newcomers to get it into their minds how The Villages is laid out is to think of it as a long vertical rectangle with a lot of jagged edges. It’s also important to note that The Villages has pretty much been (and continues to be) developed from north to south, so for the most part, the further south you go, the newer the homes and amenities tend to be.

Map is for illustrative purposes only

In addition to thinking of The Villages as a long vertical rectangle, there are four distinct areas … three with town squares… and some major roadways running East to West that help us mentally or visually break it down further into sections. 

I find that it helps newcomers when they think of The Villages as having four distinct areas: 

Spanish Springs Area: Everything North of County Road 466

Lake Sumter Landing Area: Everything Between County Road 466 and 466-A

Brownwood Area: Everything Between 466-A and State Road 44

New and Future Areas: Everything South of State Road 44

In my book I go into exactly what you’ll find in each area, including golf, recreation, shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

The Villages Street Maps

Most people use their phones for navigation these days, and below I describe the most used apps for this in The Villages.

But if you are old school and prefer a big/foldable paper map, you can get a current map of The Villages either from one of their sales offices, or depending on who answers the phone that day, I’ve had readers order a map and have it sent to them from Banner Mercantile (352) 753-4676 or Market Square Mercantile (352) 753-2129.

The Official Villages App

The official mobile app from The Villages provides real-time navigation, weather and event information in the palm of your hand. According to their website, “The Villages® App is your take-anywhere guide to Florida’s Friendliest Hometown, equipped with directions for traveling by multi-modal golf car path and traditional roadways.”

Learn more at:

Villages GPS App

Villages GPS (which is not affiliated with the developer of The Villages) is billed as “the ultimate app for The Villages, FL.”

Villages GPS is an app available from the Apple App Store or Google Play store that lives on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

With the app, you now have a map in your phone of all the town squares, golf courses, recreation centers, and neighborhoods within The Villages.

Learn more on their website at:

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  2. Interested in seeing a map of all the villages in The Villages Also interested in renting in February or March.

  3. I notice all the question /answer are not current. 2010. Surely you have received more current input.

    We have a family member who is established in The Villages, so we are fortunate in that regard.
    I’m scanning just to get other input and familiarize myself with the people who live there.
    Thank you for this website.

  4. Cathy gave a good address for renting by month or week but look there under the Central-Disney-Orlando Area. People don’t seem to relate us to Orlando but map makers do.

  5. Can anyone direct me to a source to find the actual property lines or outside borders of the entire “The Villages” property?

  6. For anyone that wants to rent a month to check out this wonderful community, check out I used to rent a house and this is a great site. I just put the house up for sale, so I am no longer renting.

  7. We would like to come to the villages area for one month during March. Do you know how we can contact a present owner of a home who rents for one month at a time. Most of the places on the internet are asking for a three month rental.?

    1. thevillagesfloridabook

      Bill – Tough to find a 1-month rental here, especially from January – April/May which is the busy season. Maybe check out one of the forums for residents like Talk of The Villages and pose the question and see if you get any leads that way.

  8. I am looking for a map of the villages that people could use to easily find us. We live in Belvedere. Could you help me? Thank you.

    1. thevillagesfloridabook

      Sandy – The best way is to use Google Maps, and plug in your address and the address of where your friends are coming from. It will spit out turn by turn directions that you can print or email.

    2. Jeanette Duurvoort

      I also wish something useful would be printed. With all this urban sprawl, it is hard to remember some of these unusually named streets.

  9. Have an interest in the Villages. Could you tell me how long (miles) (hours) drive from Cape Canaveral. Thank You

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