Lake Sumter Landing Market Square

Map of Lake Sumter Landing
Map of Lake Sumter Landing

Lake Sumter Landing Market Square combines shops and services and provides an arena for performances and community events, with the look and feel of a small seaside village, complete with a waterfront and a lighthouse. There is live entertainment every night, and many special celebrations throughout the year.

Even a few political rallies have been held in Lake Sumter Landing, one of the more recent of which was the now infamous and oft parodied rally during which Mitt Romney sang “America the Beautiful”.

Lakeshore Drive runs along Lake Sumter and connects with Old Camp Road to encircle the shopping and recreation area. In total, there is 510,555 square feet of restaurants, specialty retail and office space, anchored by the 8-screen Old Mill Playhouse.

Restaurants and lodging are located to take advantage of the lakefront views. The 120-room boutique hotel, Waterfront Inn combines old Florida charm with modern amenities and luxury. Among its up-scale offerings are hi-speed Internet, flat-screen TVs and 300-thread count sheets. There is a lobby lounge, serving light fare with its drink specials, and the hotel’s signature restaurant, Amelia’s, where guest can order up Southern cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Other restaurants along Lake Sumter include: Cody’s Roadhouse, a chain, possibly familiar to those from North Carolina or Maine; RJ Gator’s, a seafood grill, featuring alligator dishes, coconut shrimp and Key lime pie; and the casual dining, Lighthouse Pointe.

Cody's In Lake Sumter Landing
Cody’s In Lake Sumter Landing. Photo Courtesy The Villages Daily Photo.

Other dining options in Market Square are studded among the shops and offices. Choices include Sonny’s BBQ, Johnny Rocket’s burger joint, TGI Friday’s, Redsauce (Italian), pizza, Asian food, ice cream, subs, a tea room and a chocolatier.

Other shops and offices in Lake Sumter Market Square include:

Offices and Personal Services:
The Villages Sales and Information Center,  Citizen’s First Mortgage, AAA Travel, The Villages Insurance, a title company and the investment company, Sabal Trust. Personal services include a barbershop and a hair salon and spa.

Clothing and shoes:
Bass shoes, Izod, VanHeusen, Coldwater Creek, JOS A. Bank, and specialty shops like Caribongo, which sells clothes and accessories that change colors, and Natural Discoveries which sells clothes made from natural fibers.

Market Square can’t be beat for home and gift options. From a Hallmark store, to a couple home furnishing shops, to The Purple Pig’s gift offerings which include things like messenger bags, travel mug and inspirational items. GarVinos sells wine and cigars. If you need that ring or brooch, you can pick one up at Arden’s Fine Jewelry.

To get around The Villages, stop into Villages Golf Cars for your own street-legal golf cart. Plus, there is a Harley-Davidson coming soon. And if you need a ride to or from the airport, Villages Transportation offers an airport shuttle service.

The next time a famous politician comes out with a book, catch up with them (or at least buy the book) at the Sumter Landing Barnes and Noble. The bookstore has seen visits from Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin.

Barnes & Noble - Lake Sumter Landing. Courtesy The Villages Daily Photo.
Barnes & Noble – Lake Sumter Landing. Courtesy The Villages Daily Photo.

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  4. Deborah Harkleroad

    Who is the kiosk vendor who sells convertable wooden baskets on Tuesday nights at Lake Sumter Landing in the Villages? I accidently lost her card, and I need to buy some of her convertable baskets.

  5. We have permission to visit The Villages on Feb. 28. The website states we can ride a trolly from Lake Sumter Landing to The Villages. Are we allowed to leave our ( 4 couples ) vehicles at Lake Sumter Landing to take the trolly? If we ride the trolly, will be able to get on and off to tour some of the facilities?

  6. We stop by to see some of our friends that live in the Villages and we all went out to Codys Roadhouse for dinner. The place the people food was all top of the line. We enjoyed everything we could while there. We hope to buy a place down there soon. When we do we hope to enjoy everything that villages have. Thanks go out to our friends there that always makes us feel at home.

  7. It’s the villages lifestyle. If you don’t like it buy elsewhere. I’ve been coming for years and I love the hometown feel and it own radio station. It plays a little of everything and keeps you updated on the happenings in the villages.
    Each night there’s diff music to dance to in the square amongother stuff
    Sit back and enjoy chill out and relax

  8. Gail: Since the environment of The Villages is not to your liking or lifestyle, your comments lead me to ask why you chose to make your home there? I love to visit The Villages to shop and dine, but I could not live there. This is not to say that there is anything against the Villages, it just would not be my choice. And, that’s why there are choices, everyone likes something different.

  9. My suggestion also would be Jazz, or classical music on the square once in awhile…going back in time is great, but being stuck there is boring.

  10. Gail Jackson-Kruetzman

    We are in the process of buying a home at the Villages and look forward to living there -wearing earplugs! My husband can turn off his hearing aid but I find the CHARMING downtown setting of Lake Sumter Landing destroyed by the loud,noisy chatter of the local radio station constantly rock n’ rollin in the background. If I want this atmosphere I can go into one of the appropriate restaurants. But do I have to have it on the “quiet streets” as well? Try and sit peacefully by the waterfront or on a front porch and having to listen to that noise seems to negate the purpose of the “quaint ,quiet small town square of yesteryears. No? Please- turn it off– and tune into some peace and quiet. If not, then how about some kinder, gentler music rather than the “talk show chatter”. Thanks for listening. Now where did I put those earplugs – – –

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