Opening of the Water Lily Bridge, Sumter County Approves 75% Increase in Impact Fees, and more

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I continue to track all the latest news and updates as it relates to coronavirus in The Villages.

You can read this week’s coronavirus updates here.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned the opening of the Water Lily bridge, and this week The Villages released a new video touting “full connectivity”:

Rusty Nelson, who is documenting his journey to The Villages … from his very first phone call to the sales office, to multiple lifestyle visits, and eventually (maybe) making a purchase … was on a roll this week uploading several helpful videos:

The Villages Brownwood Hotel and Spa on a Lifestyle Preview Visit and review of Wolfgang Puck’s

The Villages, FL Second Lifestyle Preview Visit and the Melrose model home and Golf Cart / Car

The Villages Lifestyle Visit, Golf at Marsh View Chip and Putt, Sarasota Practice Center & Alligator

The Villages, Florida 55+ Retirement Lifestyle Preview Visit Questions and Answers

Here are some other articles I came across this week that I think are worth a read:

Sumter County Approves 75% Increase In Impact Fees To Help Fund Roads Tied To Growth Of The Villages (WMFE)

Commission pushes tax increase through (The Villages Daily Sun)

Daily Sun’s Definition of “Increased Taxes” Is Amazing (Talk of The Villages)

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1 thought on “Opening of the Water Lily Bridge, Sumter County Approves 75% Increase in Impact Fees, and more”

  1. Why do the old sections of the Villages have to have a huge increase in fees to pay for new roads and bridges in the new sections (money to buy more land for family, etc.)? The new people pay less for it.

    So many investors buying rentals makes us a resort not a community. They care little about our community except to come a stay a bit. They don’t go to meetings to decide anything, etc. Villages is getting too big and busy. Few care about their neighbors. Get help? Forget it.

    Sumter Landing getting so busy between new Villages southern area people and outsiders (their numbers have grown too). You can hardly hear the entertainment.

    We in the older areas get what out of it except higher fees? More crowds in our squares and shopping…doctors busy, etc.?

    The three generations of owners get richer. The original owners goals forgotten. The recreations centers coverted to apartments, pools gone, etc. in older section. Promises broken.

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