Why Younger Adults Want to Live In The Villages

This video from FOX 35 News explores why some younger adults are interested in living and working in The Villages:

Here’s what else I’m reading and watching this week:

It sounds like the NY Times received lots of reader reactions to the article I shared a couple weeks ago:

Some of my readers had strong reactions too:

I read the NYT hit piece. We are not Villages residents but we have visited family here for the past 22 years and multiple times per year. We have danced the squares, hit the bars and restaurants and golfed. We have met and enjoyed our time with literally thousands of folks that live here. Politics, racism or anything controversial has never come up. The people we met were all busy enjoying their lives in a positive way. I believe we have 22 years more experiences that someone here for a few days sitting in a bar trying to incite controversy. We are here in the neighborhood now in an RV resort for a couple of months but still enjoying all the entertainment and restaurants. Highly recommend The Villages for fun, friendly folks!

Paula Morgan


Posting an article on life in The Villages by the NYT? Really? We need to have a Villager submit a companion story/rebuttal on the ‘joys’ of living in New York City.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Sumter County has the highest median age in the nation once again:

The writer behind the personal finance blog ESI Money recently distilled his thoughts on The Villages into two articles after spending an extended amount of time here:

The spring/summer Enrichment Academy semester begins April 1, and its course catalog is now available to view at:

Just as First Responder’s Recreation Center is nearing completion, officials are deciding what to do with The Villages’ Original Recreation Center:

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Why Younger Adults Want to Live In The Villages”

  1. I read a while back that under age 19 exemptions are allowed at Bison Valley, Oak Meadows and Spring Arbor (perhaps they are designated ‘family units’–although I haven’t located this information online).

  2. Ryan, that was the most interesting episode of Inside the Bubble I’ve seen! Every story, especially the 2-part post from ESI Money, was so informative! We will be moving there in about a year and you, continually, help us more than just about anybody else. Thank you!

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