The Villages Developer Sells Hunting Ranch, What We Can Learn From The Villages Success, College Colors Day, more

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We’re used to reading stories about the developer buying more land. Apparently they recently sold some too.

According to several sources, a corporate entity linked to The Villages developer Mark Morse and his daughter Kelsea Manly recently sold a 2,825 acre hunting preserve north of The Villages to a Connecticut real estate developer for $15.5 million. Morse and Manly paid about $7 million for 2,400 acres of it back in 2012 and added a little more acreage to it over time.

Curious to see how the .01% do Florida? Check out the 24-page listing brochure, or better yet, this listing video:

Here’s what else I’m reading this week:

Last week I told you that The Villages was the fastest growing Metropolitan Statistical Area for 2010-2020.

The news has been covered by almost all of the big media outlets, but this week I spoke to a reporter from Curbed, the real estate site that’s now part of New York Magazine, and rather than simply rehashing the Census news the way a lot of other sites have, she looked at it from an interesting angle:

There’s One Thing We Can Learn From the Villages’ Success (Curbed)

The Villages Daily Sun got around to covering the Census news this week as well:

The continuing rise of Florida’s Friendliest Hometown (The Villages Daily Sun)

Ever wondered how the cost of living in The Villages compares to the cost of living in other popular Florida retirement locations? This week I dug into the data to find out:

Cost of Living in Florida – 25 Popular Places Ranked (Florida for Boomers)

There’s more discouraging news this week on the local COVID-19 fight:

UF Health-The Villages Hospital nearly at capacity due to spread of COVID-19 (Villages-News)

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the contractor responsible for illegal tree trimming in a protected area behind some houses in The Villages was sentenced to 3 years probation.

In a totally separate incident in the same area, 3 homeowners are being billed $14,500 for doing something similar:

Owners of pricey homes in The Villages billed for $14,500 in unlawful cutting (Villages-News)

College Colors Day Funds for Food Drive kicks off on August 23 and gives residents the chance to show off their school spirit and donate to a great cause.

Show your spirit, generosity and college colors (The Villages Daily Sun)

That’s all for this week. Stay safe out there!


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    1. The article I read states that is was “a corporate entity linked to Connecticut real estate developer Carl Kuehner”.

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